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Kristen Butler: Lead Vocals, Bass

Chris Butler: Guitar, Drums, Vocals

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“Don’t Belong” Stream below or at this link:

”Give It To Me Straight”
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CITY SILOS is an Alternative Pop Rock Band from Nashville, TN. City Silos started their music adventures in Nashville where Kristen Butler and Chris Butler had their own separate music careers when they met. They started writing and performing together as a duo and soon after created what you now know as City Silos. Both being accomplished writers and performers, touring the US, and receiving awards such as Mississippi Artist of the Year and Song of the Year in 2016, music is in their souls. They have performed all across the United States from South Carolina, to Michigan and Colorado, all the way to Los Angeles, CA.

Their sound is equal parts rock and blues, but with just enough pop that you’re sure to get the melodies stuck in your head. You’ll hear fuzzy guitars, blues riffs, melodic hooks that will catch your ear, and lyrical content of a singer-songwriter that really draws you in. Their live performance is equally impressive, having gained notoriety while performing for the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) in both Anaheim, CA and Nashville, TN, and gaining an online fan base with over 280,000 views on YouTube.

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CITY SILOS (formerly known as Magnolia Wind) performs "Take Me Out" Live at The Hilson Studio. All instruments performed and recorded live by City Silos (Kristen and Chris Butler).