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Musicians make unimaginable sacrifices for their art, and Nashville’s alternative rock duo, CITY SILOS, is no stranger to it. Chris and Kristen Butler, husband-and-wife, worked tirelessly for the last four years, wandering through day jobs and late-night songwriting sessions, sleeping in a van and living on the road, to emerge with a statement-making debut record. Their music is a mighty demonstration of pain and resilience, and their words are laced with vulnerable, yet dangerously evocative, confessions about many of life’s darkest and most brutal cycles.

CITY SILOS - a name sparked from long nights, high mileage, and a caffeine drip - combine melodic rock guitars and synth bass, with a dance groove akin to 80’s pop. They wind their way savagely through blues pop-inflected guitar riffs that stick on the brain and jolt the system alive, guitars crashing into one another and the drum kit setting the whole show on fire, to create fuzzy-headed guitars and musically volatility to hit the sweet spot of their ingrained desires. Each mine the work of such greats as Aretha Franklin and ZZ Top to further enrich their own songcraft, delicately walking the balance between the past and the present, and pushing the envelope further.

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